Monday, August 23, 2010

LA Hacker News Meet-up - Wrap Up

This past Saturday was the 3rd LA Hacker News meet-up.  The three who presented where:
  1. Sandy Strong - Elastic Search
  2. Anthony Castillo - Balsamiq Mockups
  3. Andrew Cholakia - ZeroMQ
All in all it was a great event. I recorded Sandy's presentation, I had to stop once since Aaron called me.  The audio is poor but that's what you get when you use Qik on a Motorola Droid.  My battery completely died and forgot my charger so that is why I stopped after Sandy.

Props to Bordo Stylo for hosting.  Below are a few pictures and the crappy videos from Sandy's Elastic Search Presentation.

Update: Great Photos of the event by Lars Lehtonen:

Update 2: Andrew's Slides from his ZeroMQ presentation:

Update 3: Sandy's Slides:

LA Hacker News Meetup - 08-21-2010

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