Monday, August 23, 2010

LA Hacker News Meet-up - Wrap Up

This past Saturday was the 3rd LA Hacker News meet-up.  The three who presented where:
  1. Sandy Strong - Elastic Search
  2. Anthony Castillo - Balsamiq Mockups
  3. Andrew Cholakia - ZeroMQ
All in all it was a great event. I recorded Sandy's presentation, I had to stop once since Aaron called me.  The audio is poor but that's what you get when you use Qik on a Motorola Droid.  My battery completely died and forgot my charger so that is why I stopped after Sandy.

Props to Bordo Stylo for hosting.  Below are a few pictures and the crappy videos from Sandy's Elastic Search Presentation.

Update: Great Photos of the event by Lars Lehtonen:

Update 2: Andrew's Slides from his ZeroMQ presentation:

Update 3: Sandy's Slides:

LA Hacker News Meetup - 08-21-2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Matt Ingenthron talks about Membase

Once a month hosts the Los Angeles High Scalability Group Meetup.

This month Matt Ingenthron of NorthScale presented Membase, an opensource simple, fast, elastic key-value database.

We recorded the meetup to share with the world which you can view here:

To read more about the event please click here or just continue below:
Like most web applications, memcached and MySQL formed the data foundation beneath Farmville - until mid-2010. As the popularity of that application skyrocketed, a more effective system was needed to sustain FarmVille's 500,000 operations per second. In response, NorthScale, Zynga and NHN developed _membase_ - a distributed, key-value database that is 100% compatible with memcached.
Session type: 40-minute presentation

Here in the second decade of the 21st century, the kinds of apps we build have evolved. Techniques for storing and getting that data are starting to evolve too. The category even has a name: NoSQL. Which one should you choose though?
Your site really runs on memcached, occasionally accessing a SQL database. You need SQL for some types of data access, or you fear the effort involved in breaking free from some of that legacy mapping code.
Other types of data access could be serviced by something like memcached, but you would need the same speed, it would need to be compatible with current production applications and your application data has to survive the seemingly hostile environment from your cloud computing provider. You want to know that it will never make your application wait for data; you need to know that it’s been deployed for something other than batch-based workloads.
Membase is a simple, fast, elastic key-value database. Building upon the memcached engine interface, it is memcapable, meaning it is completely compatible with existing memcached clients and applications. The new engine plugin and associated tools allow for persistence, replication of data, lots of statistics on data use and even streaming data for iterating over every item in the store.
The founding sponsors of membase, NorthScale, Zynga and NHN recently launched a new project at under an Apache 2.0 license. Learn how to get it, about the deployments behind some of the largest sites and how you can get involved in the project.

About the presenter:

Matt is an experienced web architect with a software development background. He has expertise in building, scaling and operating global-scale Java, Ruby on Rails and AMP web applications by leveraging a variety of Open Source projects, including membase and memcached. Matt is currently the chief liaison to the membase Open Source project for NorthScale, and leading Developer Advocacy at NorthScale for membase and memcached.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sandy Strong Presenting on ElasticSearch @ LA Hacker News Meetup (8.21.10)

View the Meet-up notes here:

Our very own Sandy Strong reports:

"If you're free, stop by to ridicule me-- er, I mean, help represent Mahalo. And maybe watch other presentations as well. Last month there were presentations on cloud computing and node.js. The LA Hacker News meetup is this weekend at Border Stylo in West Hollywood. I'm presenting on ElasticSearch."


Saturday, August 21st at 3PM


Border Stylo
729 Seward Street, LA, CA
90038 (cross street is Melrose Ave).


  • Pull up to the black parking gate on the south side of the building (closer to Melrose)
  • Press the call button and someone will open the gate
  • If the lot is full, there should be plenty of nearby street parking.
  • Else if parking on the street and walking up, please do not use the glass doors. There is a walking gate next to the parking gate. 
  • Press the call button and someone will let you in.
More Info:

Noah Silas & John Watson on Cassandra at

How we use Cassandra at

See more slides and videos from the Cassandra Summit 2010: Here